Life Saving Rules Chemelot

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Why Life Saving Rules Chemelot?

Environment with risks

As a chemical industrial area, we are aware of our responsibility for safe and healthy working conditions for our employees, contractors and our environment. This requires clear rules, rules that help us to work safely, so that the chance of an incident is minimal and we can all work and live here healthy.


We all work together at a single site, Chemelot. This means that we should observe uniform rules. The 10 Life Saving Rules have been determined for the Chemelot site and are important to everyone.

Personal responsibility

Knowing and applying the rules correctly is a personal responsibility. Of mine. Of yours. Of our colleagues. Consider your specific work situation and correctly judge the hazards. Know the rules, apply them adequately, but confront each other on behavior as well.

Don't lose you concentration, safety is not a matter of luck.

Obtain the correct authorization
We break lines, bypass safety devices and make modifications. Performing these activities correctly requires authorization from the relevant supervisor. Make sure that you know the exact scale and nature of the work or the modification. Establish which hazards are present, assess the risks and take measures to control them. What kind of authorization will you need for the activities you will be performing tomorrow? 

Work permit
Use a valid work permit before starting work

Line Break
Make sure you have proper tuning and controls before opening a pipe

Management of Change
Do not make any changes without the predefined Management of Change

Make sure you have the correct permission and measures before you disable or bypass critical safety equipment or protections

Make sure you are properly protected
The work you perform also involves hazards. To protect yourself and others, you must take safety measures. Make sure you bear your own responsibility here. Wear your seatbelt. Do not enter an area where lifting activities are being performed. If you will be entering a confined space, make sure that the air is tested beforehand. Protect yourself against a fall when working at height. What protective measures must you take for the activities you will be performing tomorrow? 

Entering confined spaces
Test the air in a confined space before entering it. Convince yourself that all measures have been taken

Work at height
Protect yourself from falls and avoid falling objects when working at height

Lifting and Hoisting
Stay out of the area where objects can fall

Transport safety
Ensure safe interaction between vehicles, people and installations

Be aware and behave responsibly
We work in an environment with hazards, a road network between plants with traffic consisting of trucks, cars, cyclists and pedestrians. At a site such as Chemelot, where an accident can have major consequences, everyone is responsible for ensuring that nobody is put in danger. Drive responsibly, avoid using your phone and do not exceed speed limits. No drugs and no alcohol. If you take medication, make sure you know the side-effects. 

Line of Fire
Stay out of the area where you could be hit or pinched

Secure machines or equipment according to the LOTOTO procedure before you start your work.

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Life Saving Rules, confront your colleagues as well! We will be happy to discuss the results with you.
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